Klagenfurt am Wörthersee – a good choice. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT nor about our great location factors!

The location and the environment are essential for company success. And you can be sure of these in the City of Klagenfurt, the provincial capital city of Carinthia located in the centre of the Alpine-Adriatic region. The most important location factors are presented in the following, and you can be certain of making a location decision for success.







gainfully employed people work in Klagenfurt (including commuters)

  • No detours in political decision-making

    The political leadership aims to ensure a swift and pro-active decision-making process so that you can implement your project as early as possible. Klagenfurt Business Service establishes networks between you and the relevant political decision-makers and bodies.

  • Active Business Service

    The team of the City of Klagenfurt Business Service supports entrepreneurs all the way as they make their ideas a successful reality, helping with site search, official procedures and management of subsidies. You will have your personal point of contact assigned to your case.

  • Rapid official procedures

    Approval procedures usually take eight weeks when the full set of all the necessary submission documents is handed in.

  • Coordination of procedures to accelerate official procedures

    One central point of contact for official procedures. Coordination of appointments with public authorities prior to submission.

  • Attractive schemes to promote business 

    The City of Klagenfurt subsidises investments, the rent of young start-up companies and creative industries. Your personal consultant will inform you about all the options available to you and handles the funding process together with you. We also provide consulting in terms of national, regional and EU funding.

  • Excellent geographic location

    Klagenfurt is the most important business hub in the southern part of Austria. As a capital city with its own airport and international railway connections, Klagenfurt is a gate to the growing markets in Southern and Eastern Europe.

  • Research and university location

    Alpen-Adria University, the University of Applied Sciences, Lakeside Science & Technology Park create a network, a top research and development cluster that is highly specialised in ICT research and development.

  • Attractive location for commerce

    Klagenfurt with its wide range of different sectors and high market density offers a well sorted and compact offer of shops and markets that can all be easily reached by foot. The city also organises numerous fairs that are very popular even beyond Carinthia's borders (such as the Christmas market).

  • Qualified and motivated skilled labour and executives

    The many educational institutions (university with some 10,000 students and university of applied sciences with 500 students, etc.) are the perfect breeding ground for a qualified and highly motivated workforce.

  • Creative industries

    With Hafen11 and the landing stage, young entrepreneurs with creative ideas are given the possibility to contribute to the City's development. Supporting the creative industries is a sustainable investment in the future of the City.

  • Trade shows

    Every year, 15 trade shows for specialised visitors and the general public are held in Klagenfurt, making it stand out as a national and international venue for trade shows.

  • High quality of life. A family-friendly city.

    Leisure and recreational opportunities are superb and abundant in Klagenfurt; the quality of life is very high; social and health infrastructure is excellent – all of this plus Lake Wörthersee close by and Slovenia and Italy "around the corner" add to the outstanding quality of life the city has to offer. A place of culture

  • Cultural location

    With its renowned theatre, the prestigious Festival of German-Language Literature, theaterHalle11, folk culture, the Municipal Gallery and Robert-Musil Museum of Literature, Klagenfurt boasts a thriving and internationally oriented cultural scene that have made it a prominent destination for arts tourism.

  • A healthy place to live

    The new hospital makes Klagenfurt one of the most modern healthcare locations in Europe. There are also other main hospitals.

  • A place of sports

    The new Wörthersee Stadium, the new athletics centre, the many national and international sport events, such as Ironman and Kärnten Läuft are a motivation for both active athletes and spectators. Klagenfurt is unrivalled when it comes to internationally acclaimed events that attract huge audiences.